Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Luxarazzi Tiara Race (2): Margaretha's Sapphire Tiara vs. the Belgian Scroll Tiara

Congratulations to Princess Sibilla's Diamond Art Deco Tiara, the first winner of The Luxarazzi Tiara Race. (Don't know what it is? Check out the details here!) Today is the second match day of our little tiara tournament. Facing off against each other are Princess Margaretha's Sapphire and Diamond Tiara, which can also be worn as a necklace, vs. the Belgian Scroll Tiara.
Not the most difficult of predictions as to which tiara will advance to the next round - or are we in for the first major upset of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race? Cast your vote below, which one of these two sparklers should advance into the next round where it will face off against Princess Sibilla's tiara. (And yes, that's going to be a tough one!) Also drop us a comment below to let us know which one of the tiaras got your vote and why. (Voting closes on Saturday night.)

P.S. Have you made your prediction yet as to which sparkler will be the grand winner of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race? Akram of The Royal Couturier also gave us his picks:

I think The Luxembourg Empire Tiara will be the winner. I mean, it's huge and grand but still very beautiful and has a somehow delicate appeal to it. Also it's not seen very often, but that definitely keeps it in our minds. My personal favorite would be either Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara -which is classic, substantial and can be versatile if Princess Sibilla decides one day to replace the aquamarines with other stones- and the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara which looks great on every one that has worn it. I believe our dark horse would be the Belgian Scroll, I think everyone is relieved that this piece was never sold out of the Luxembourger vaults.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Henri and Maria Teresa at the New Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Centre

Today, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were in Strassen to attend the inauguration ceremony for the newy renovated Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Centre at CHL. The facility, which cost €54.5 million, is being opened after three years of construction and will be directly connected to CHL's children's clinic.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony (pictured above) and were then given a tour. Also present for the inauguration were Minister of Healthy Lydia Mutsch, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Mars di Bartolomeo, and Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer, among other dignitaries.

The new maternity centre will also be opened for a public preview on July 5th, with its official opening day for operations in August. For a little more about the inaugural event, see here.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hans-Adam at Munich Security Conference Meeting

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) met at the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna as part of its "MSC Core Group Meeting" series to debate critical issues of European security on June 16 and 17. Key topics discussed at the meeting included the Ukraine crisis as well as the future relationship with Russia. Those attending the conference included Prince Hans-Adam II as well as various politicians from across Europe.

Hereditary Prince Alois at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Today, Hereditary Prince Alois was reportedly in Lindau, Germany for the opening of the 65th Annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. This isn't Alois's first time attending a Lindau event, as he was also at the 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in 2014.

The 65th Annual Meeting this year is expected to run from June 28th to July 3rd. The event, which pairs Nobel Laureates with the next generation of leaders in the world of science, is expected to see 65 Nobel Laureates and at least 650 scientists from 90 countries.

No photos of Hereditary Prince Alois just yet, but the Lindau website has a fascinating selection of photos on its Flickr stream.

Some photos of Alois here, here, here, and with Countess Bettina Bernadotte here.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Princess Marie at Fête Imperiale

A Marie von und zu Liechtenstein was among the guests for the Fête Imperiale held at the Winter Riding School of the Spanish Riding School located at the Hofburg in Vienna. Celebrating its 450th anniversary, the stunning Winter Riding School, where the famous Lippizaner horses usually give their performances, was transformed into a ballroom for a night. While the news reports don't specify which Princess Marie of Liechtenstein was among the guests (and I haven't been able to locate a picture of her), I assume it was the wife of Prince Constantin as she has attended the event before.

Prince Hans-Adam Celebrates Birthday of Former Chancellor

Photo: Michael Gruber / EXPA / APA
Former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel had an official party celebrating his 70th birthday at Schloss Schönbrunn's orangery in Vienna this week. The politician of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) served as Austria's head of government for two consecutive terms from February 2000 to January 2007. The guests at last Monday's event included Prince Hans-Adam II. 

More pictures on the website of the ÖVP.

The Luxarazzi Tiara Race (1): Chaumet Choker Tiara vs. the Diamond Art Deco Tiara

Don't know what The Luxarazzi Tiara Race is? Check out yesterday's post in which we explain what it is all about as well as a bunch of technicalities. If you've done so, it's about time to cast your very first vote. Facing each other in our very first match are the Chaumet Diamond Pearl Choker Tiara vs. Princess Sibilla's Diamond Art Deco Tiara.
Both versatile diamond pieces that can be worn in various ways, it is now up to you, which one of the two will advance into the next round. Also drop us a line in the comment section below to explain why you chose either of these diamonds tiaras.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Luxarazzi Tiara Race (Luxembourg Edition)

Photo: Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale
It's summer, and as summer is always quite a quiet time here on the blog, we thought we would add a little new feature: The Luxarazzi Tiara Race. Now, the tiaras can't actually race but we hope that we will see some close races in you chosing your favourite piece of the Grand Ducal Tiara Collection. To do so in a bit of a fun way, we have come up with a draw: In the first round 32 tiaras will face each other in 16 matches. (Race, match - yeah, I'm throwing a bunch of sporting references all into one hat here; but still, we were pretty serious about this, see the picture below.)
There's not use denying it, we're quite serious about his ;-)
As there aren't actually 32 (publicly known) Luxembourgish tiaras, we added another few into the mix. (I'm sorry Princess Claire, your new ruby tiara didn't quite make it in time for applications.) And thus the Luxarazzi Tiara Race will feature all 28 tiaras included in our post about the tiara collection of the Grand Ducal Family already linked above. This means, it will also include the Lannoy Tiara as well as Queen Ena's Aquamarine Tiara, for example. If you just did your maths correctly, you will now wonder what four other tiaras will be included in the list: Stay tuned, it will be a bit of a surprise for you (though a little hint can be found down below). I can, however, already tell you now that all of them have either been worn by Luxembourgish princesses in the past or could be in the present due to family relations.

The first match of The Luxarazzi Tiara Race will take place tomorrow. We are planning to publish a post each Sunday and each Wednesday. Voting will close on Saturday and Tuesday night respectively.

Before we kick off the tiara tournament tomorrow, we asked a bunch of fellow royal fashion and jewellery bloggers which tiara they think will win, which one is their personal favourite, which one could be the dark horse or which one they don't like at all. Here's what they said:

Tiara I Think Will Win: The Empire Tiara is really in a league of its own, but I think its sheer size might ultimately be a negative for its chances in the Race. I'll go out on a limb and predict that this year's winner will be the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara. Perfectly proportioned, and with a gorgeous floral design, it has looked beautiful on every member of the family who has worn it. I'm not at all surprised that it's been worn by multiple Nassau family brides!

My Personal Favorite: For me, it's a tie between the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara and the Grand Duchess Adélaïde Tiara. I just love that the Adélaïde can be worn with different center stones, and I think its design is so beautiful and classic. I love that it's essentially a small kokoshnik, too!

The Dark Horse of the Competition: I think we might see Princess Sibilla's Diamond Art Deco Tiara go far in the competition, even if it's only been worn by one member of the family. That tiara has it all: it's packed with diamonds, it has a lovely design, and it's convertible, too!

I think the Belgian Scroll could take the whole competition, because it's just one of the most classically pretty pieces in the collection. Princess Sibilla's tiara has dark horse potential, with flexibility and a lovely design, just not quite as well known overall. My personal favorite tiara from this collection is usually one of those two, but at the moment I'm quite smitten with the Aquamarine Bandeau. It's one of the best aqua tiaras out there, making great use of the right cut for the stone and throwing a killer parure in as a bonus. It gets my vote!

Valentin of Royalement Blog

I think the Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara deserves to win although it is only Princess Sibilla who can wear it in the Grand Ducal Family. This tiara is one element of a whole absolutely stunning parure. The changes undergone by the tiara are particularly successful and these suspended aquamarines give a remarkable aerial impression. Too bad we don't often see it, but could this parure stay in the Sibilla's family in the next decades? 

My preference goes to the Grand Duchess Adélaïde Tiara. It's a jewel I appreciate to rediscover every time it is worn by the ladies of the family, most when the tiara is combined with sapphire earrings as did Princess Tessy in 2012. I like so much the intensity of the large sapphire which is placed in the center of a finest work mixing leaves and berries made of brilliant and rose-cut diamonds. 

The Sapphire Art Deco Tiara is for me decidedly the least pleasing one of the competition. Even if it reflects, I guess, Joséphine-Charlotte's will to have a more contemporary piece in her case, I have the greatest difficulty to lend aesthetic qualities to this piece whose both elements located on either side of the enormous sapphire remind me handcuffs. And the impression it's not really better when it's worn as a necklace... 

Which tiara I think will win? Well, I think that in royal tiaras game, there are those beautiful pieces and the imposing ones. Without a doubt that at Luxarazzi Kingdom and in the world of royalty in general it is impossible to remain indifferent to the Luxembourg Empire Tiara. Come one, there is not the slightest hypothesis it goes unnoticed. It’s the tiara that puts the "Grand" prefix to the Grand Duchy. It is the BIG GUN of the Nassau vaults and my bet to win this competition. 

What is my favorite tiara? Hard to tell. There are lots of delicate, simple and elegant tiaras among these. I’m a pearls and diamonds tiara kind of girl. There are very few, but indeed very few, colorful stones tiaras I actually like. I can´t resist to a good old fashioned Fringe tiara, especially if they come with the Habsburg name (Sissi madness and all…) so I think I simple love the Habsburg Fringe Tiara. But I very much appreciate also versatility so I think it´s a tie between the Fringe and the Diamond Art Deco Tiara of Princess Sibilla. It´s wonderful to have two tiaras in one single piece. Can I actually declare a tie? Please???? 

Least pleasing? Well, I must say I was hugely disappointed with the Lannoy Tiara. I get the sentimental thing, but it was almost a toy tiara for an ELIE SAAB wedding gown!!! I hate the piece and honestly I hope never see it again. The recent small butterfly tiara that Stephanie wore actually also isn't to me taste.

And now? It's up to you: Leave us a comment below which tiara you think will win The Luxarazzi Tiara Race, which tiara is your personal favourite, which one the dark horse of the competition and which one you don't like at all.

Prince Alois Receives Diplomatic Trainees

Brigitt Risch
For the past two days diplomatic trainees from Switzerland have been visiting the Principality. During their visit they were received by Hereditary Prince Alois. It is important for that these budding diplomats get to know Liechtenstein and the various nuances of Liechtenstein's political system. In areas where Liechtenstein does not have a representative the diplomatic and consular representatives of Switzerland advocate for the Principality and her citizens. (Luxembourg has the same relationship with the Netherlands and Belgium. )

Friday, June 26, 2015

Jean and Diane Attend Cocktail Party

Prince Jean and his wife Countess Diane were among the guests for a cocktail party hosted at the Belgian embassy in Paris last night. The reception took place to give a farewell to Belgium's outgoing ambassador to France, Patrick Vercauteren Drubbel.