Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Luxarazzi 101: Princess Ingeborg's Emerald Brooch

Occasionally when we got nothing else to do, Team Luxarazzi browses through old pictures of the Grand Ducal Family and their relatives hoping to spot some jewellery or other interesting bits and things in them. Recently, we were successful once again when we found one of the grand ducal emerald brooches being worn by Princess Ingeborg of Sweden, grandmother of the late Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte.

The daughter of King Frederik VIII of Denmark was married to Prince Carl of Sweden with whom she had four children, among them the future Queen Astrid of the Belgians. Princess Ingeborg is also the original owner of another brooch in the possession of the Grand Ducal Family. As we usually do, we are also going to name today's emerald and diamond brooch after its first (known) owner and thus make it the "Princess Ingeborg's Emerald Brooch" (though maybe we should start digging a little further back into the family's ancestry to see whether there is another prior owner).

Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, who either directly inherited the piece from her grandmother or via the detour of her mother, Queen Astrid, regularly wore the brooch as such or as a necklace pendant together with the other emerald jewellery she owned like the Emerald Peacock Tiara or her mother-in-law's Emerald Art Deco Tiara. These days, the brooch, which features a large emerald surrounded by diamonds, is (thus far) exclusively worn by Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa both in its original function as well as as a necklace pendant.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Coins and Orders

During a cabinet meeting on Friday, Luxembourg's government agreed that a commemorative coin to remember the 50th anniversary of Grand Duke Jean's accession to the country's throne will be issued on October 1st. The Grand Duchy's former ruler became head of state on November 12, 1964, upon his mother's abdication. (For more information on the abdication and accession matter, have a look here.) Naturally, Grand Duke Henri will also be featured on the 2 Euro coin as Luxembourgish law stipulates that the head of state has to be on every coin.

Meanwhile in Liechtenstein today, Hereditary Prince Alois awarded the Commander's Cross of the country's Order of Merit to Norbert Frick, ambassador of the permanent mission of Liechtenstein in Geneva, and politician Alexander Batliner for their services rendered to the Principality.

Source: Chronicle, IKR

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Special Olympics

Photo: Eric Herchaft / Collectif Huma
The European Special Olympics Summer Games, which are organised by Special Olympics (SO), kicked off with an opening ceremony in Brussels yesterday. The aim of the Games is to use sports to help those with intellectual disabilities better integrate in society and give them the opportunity to interact with others. Among those to attend the opening ceremony were Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Princess Nora of Liechtenstein.

Prince Félix Talks Wine, Faith, Baby Daughter

As promised, here is Prince Félix's interview with Dutch royalty magazine Blauw Bloed. (Here's a direct link in case the video above does not work for you.) Simply skip ahead to the 7:48 and 22:18 marks to see it as well as a tour of Château les Crostes. Princess Claire can also be seen in the video though she did not join her husband, who talked about their wine estate, their baby daughter, his faith and connections to other European royal families for the English-language interview.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Royally Speaking with Akram of Royal Couturier

In the 9th edition of our Royally Speaking series, I asked Akram of The Royal Couturier a few questions about royal fashion and more. 

Getting right into it… What came first, your interest in royalty or your interest in fashion and how did you get interested in the Princely Family of Monaco?
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Both at the same time really, I was five and we had an issue of a society magazine and it had a feature about Princess Fawzia of Egypt and I was enchanted by her astonishing beauty, dazzling tiara and spectacular satin gown. But my interest in fashion grew over time while my passion for royalty had to wait until internet connection got faster. I've always been interested in less popular royals, the kind of royals that are "bullied" by press like Princess Beatrice and Princess Charlene. So when it came to blogging I picked the blonde newbie to start with. She proved to be worth following over the past 3 years and there was so much anticipated from her marrying Princess Grace's son. Grace was also one of my favorite royals, so the Grimaldis seemed like the perfect choice, after all, Prince Rainier and King Farouk of Egypt were best friends.

If you could give Princess Charlène one (or three) styling tips, which one(s) would it (they) be?
1. Get out of your comfort zone NOW. 
2. Explore the Grimaldi jewelry vault. 
3. Let me style you... and I'll do the first 2!

I’m constantly amazed by your skills to identify who wore which designer. Is there a secret behind it (that you care to share)?
It's just a lot of searching and communication really. I spot pieces on runways, celebrities and magazines, others are just "signature" pieces of designers. And I'm always emailing fashion houses and royal courts for confirmations, and if all these roads are blocked, sometimes Googling "strapless red gown" or "drop diamond earrings" would do.

Photo: The Place
Is there any designer that hasn’t been discovered by any royal yet but whose designs you would like to see on some royals? If yes, which designer (and which royal) would it be?
Given that Arab royals wear every single designer, I think we're the ones that are yet to discover that royals have discovered them. I think Delpozo would be the one I'd like to discover on many royals, I think Kate, Beatrice, Madeleine and Mette-Marit would look great in his creations. As for Charlene, I'm crossing my fingers she'll discover Valentino and Victoria Beckham soon!

If you could invite six royals (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would find an invitation in their mailbox?
Okay, first thing the dinner is white tie and tiaras are NOT optional! So I'd invite:
1. Princess Fawzia: to ask her if she ever got the flowers I used to send on her birthday.
2. Queen Nazli: to ask her what on earth she was thinking all her life!
2 (b). If her majesty is busy she can send Princess Beatrice, I've been dying to see her in a tiara!
3. Queen Elizabeth: to see if she has any more hidden jewelry.
4. Princess Grace of Monaco: I have to see her to believe that this kind of beauty really exists.
5. Princess Charlene: On the condition that she'll impress me with her fashion/jewelry choices.
6. Princess Lalla Salma: I'd like to get to know more about her.

Grand Ducal Family Attends Concert

Photo: 2014 Cour grand-ducale / Marc Schmit / tous droits réservés
On Wednesday night, Grand Duke Jean as well as two of his sons, Grand Duke Henri and Prince Guillaume, attended the annual concert "in remembrance of the Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte" at the Philharmonie Luxembourg. The London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Sir John Eliot Gardiner and together with violoncello soloist Gautier Capuçon played Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Robert Schumann.

Hereditary Prince Welcomes the Best

Photo: Elma Korac / Liechtensteiner Vaterland / Vaterland.li
A few days after Grand Duke Henri welcomed his country's best students, it was time for Hereditary Prince Alois to receive his country's best apprentices at Schloss Vaduz. This year's was the 41st time that Liechtenstein's best apprentices were invited to the home of their prince where the 14 young women and 21 young men signed the golden book.

More pictures are available at Vaterland and Volksblatt.

Children with Crowns Re-Enact Princess' Life

Photo: Elma Korac / Liechtensteiner Vaterland / Vaterland.li
Today, Princess Marie is celebrating her name day. As it has become a tradition she is doing so together with the children of the Principality - because her birthday falls into the school holidays - and let's face it, is there a cuter way to do so than with children wearing self-made crowns? No there isn't. 
This year, the Princess had invited the children attending the kindergarten and the primary school of Vaduz to visit her in her castle's garden but as the weather wasn't too good, they went to the Vaduzer Saal instead so everyone remained dry and warm. Nevertheless, the children were able to give their singing and dancing performances, and apparently even re-enacted Princess Marie's life (or at least there was a bridal couple and signs of the birth years of the princess' children).

For pictures, have a look at Vaterland and Volksblatt. Vaterland also has a video.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Honouring Social Commitment

Photo: Michael Zanghellini / Liechtensteiner Volksblatt / Volksblatt.li
Last night, Prince Philipp and Prince Max awarded the aid organisation Hilfswerk Liechtenstein with the very first LGT Prize for Social Commitment. Even though it was only officially founded in 1987, the roots of the Hilfswerk lie in 1985 when Liechtensteiners donated food and clothes to be brought to Poland. Since its official establishment, the organisation has made aid deliveries to the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania, Moldova, the Ukraine and other countries. It also supports families and children in need in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the number of which is increasing in recent years.The award inludes a prize money of 50,000 Swiss francs.

Videos of the award ceremony can be found at Vaterland and 1 FL TV. (The latter one including a short interview with Prince Max.)

Source: Volksblatt

At Home with Félix and Claire

Just a quick heads up: Saturday's edition of Dutch royalty magazine Blauw Bloed will feature a report about Prince Félix, Princess Claire and their French wine estate, Château les Crostes. The show's videos are usually available online afterwards. We will make sure to post a link if it does.